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Specialty body and massage treatments




Couple's Massage

All of our massages and body treatments may be enjoyed in our couples room, by couples, friends, or anyone wishing more together time.  Please request at time of booking to ensure room availability.  Spend special time together with two massages of your choice in the same room.

60 minute  - Per couple  pricing

Swedish - $150

Deep Tissue - $175

90 Minute - Per couple Pricing

Swedish - $200 

Deep Tissue - $220

Swedish Massage

   60 Minutes    · $65.00

   90 Minutes   · $90.00

Our therapists adapt the eclectic techniques, so you get the massage that is right for you. This massage  promotes circulation, and reduces tension and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

   60 Minutes    · $75.00

   90 Minutes   · $100.00

This  refers to various techniques that are directed toward the deeper tissue  structures of the muscle. The aim is to affect the different layers of  muscle tissues, improve range of motion,  and releasing adhesion's.  This is the ultimate muscle meltdown.

CBD Oil Massage

Add to any massage for $20

 Not only is this massage therapeutic, but it also has many health benefits. Medical News Today explains scientific and clinical research have identified CBD as a potential healing and treatment agent for, but not limited to, alcoholism, anxiety, arthritis, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, neurological disorders and PTSD. 

Hot Stone Therapy

   60 Minutes    · $80.00

   90 Minutes   · $105.00

Experience the therapeutic benefits of heat through the use of basalt stones. This massage is very nurturing, relaxing and balancing.

Prenatal Massage

   60 Minutes    · $80.00

   90 Minutes   · $100.00

This  massage shares many of the goals of regular massage such as relaxation,  Increased mobility, relief from minor muscles aches and joint pain, and  overall well-being.  It also is specifically design. (Minimum 10 weeks gestation)

Sports Massage

   60 Minutes    · $80.00

   90 Minutes   · $90.00

Sports  Massage: Involves extensive range of motion to increase flexibility in muscles  and joints for peak performance.  Deep tissue massage combined with Arnica oil, an epsom salt soak and  pain relieving sports gel to relieve sore muscles  The active chemicals in arnica may reduce swelling, decrease pain, and act as antibiotics. 

Serenity Escape

   60 Minutes    · $90

   90 Minutes   · $115.00

This indulgent and utterly relaxing massage combines aromatherapy  massage with steamed epsom salt soaked towels, hot basalt  stones and essential herbal oils. Choose from Eucalyptus-Spearmint,  or Lavender.


   30 minutes   · $45.00

   60 Minutes    · $70.00

Appropriate  pressure is applied to specific points and areas on the feet, hand and  ears. This attempts to release congestion or stress in nervous system  and balance the bodies energy.


   30 minutes   · $45.00

   60 Minutes    · $95.00

   90 Minutes    · $135.00

Performed by Dr. Goetz,  These Private sessions includes therapy that uniquely focuses on the treatment of soft tissue to maintain, develop, augment or rehabilitate the patient's physical function. This therapy can improve the functioning of joints and muscles, the healing process, metabolism and circulation. Specializing in shoulder related disorders and planter fasciitis of the foot.


    30 minutes   · $50.00

    60 Minutes    · $75.00

This  ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine mobilizes blood flow and  decreases muscular adhesion to promote healing. A partial vacuum is  created in cups placed on the skin by means of suction.

Lymphatic Drainage

    45 Minutes    · $85.00

 Drainage is essential because the lymphatic system lacks a pump of its own to transport lymph through the body and must rely on movement and massage to flush the fluid. Lymphatic drainage massage is good at reducing swelling, healing acne, relieving fatigue, and helps the body detox. This is a great treatment to try if you’re fasting or trying a juice cleanse. Lymphatic massage consists of  rhythmic pressure, firm finger strokes, and drumming and stretching of the skin in the direction of the lymph pathways toward the lymph nodes. 

CranioSacral Therapy

    60 Minutes    · $80.00

(CST) is a light touch form of bodywork designed to release  physical and energetic restrictions from soft tissue, especially the  fascia (connective tissue). Using a soft touch, 

(Based upon therapist availability)

Bridal / Bachelorette / Birthday Party

   60 Minutes    · Starting at $375 - $75.00 per additional person

Five person minimum (5) 60 min Swedish massages Includes light appetizers, drinks and desserts.



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Relaxation Massage - $55 / 60 Minutes -- $85 / 90 Minutes  (M-F 10a-2p)

This medium to firm pressure massage, focuses on treating muscles and muscle groups in their entirety, to relieve stress and tension.