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Our Licensed massage therapists provide personalized service for your total wellness
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Swedish Massage:

Relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation and circulation with our signature full body massage. Our therapists adapt the eclectic techniques so you get the massage that's right for you!
60min $65 
90min $90
2hr $125 
Deep Tissue:
Feel the need for a really deep massage? Put yourself in our expert therapist's hands, for an intensive massage experience. Focus on releasing deep muscle layers. This is the ultimate muscle meltdown.
60min $75
90min $100
2hr $145

Hot Stone Therapy:
Ground yourself in balanced bliss, with this unique hot stone experience. Embrace the therapeutic benefits of heat through the use of basalt stones. This massage is very nurturing and balancing.
60min $80
90min $105

Couples Massage:
Double the indulgence! Spend special time together with two massages of your choice in the same room.
60min Swedish $150
90min Swedish $190
60min Deep Tissue $170
90min Deep Tissue $210
60min Stone $180

Prenatal Massage:
This massage shares many of the goals of regular massage such as relaxation, increased mobility, relief from minor muscles aches and joint pain, and overall well-being.  It also is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the pregnant woman and her changing body.
60min $80
90min $100

Sports Massage:
Focusing on 3 target areas, this sports massage helps to increase flexibility in muscles and joints for peak performance, while reducing muscle swelling and tension.  Deep tissue massage combined with an epson salt soak, arnica oil, and pain relieving sports gel to relieve aching muscles. 
60min $80
90min $90

Appropriate pressure is applied to specific points and areas on the feet, hand and ears. This attempts to release congestion or stress in nervous system and balance the bodies energy.
30min $45
60min $70

This ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine mobilizes blood flow and decreases muscular adhesions to promote healing. A partial vacuum is created in cups placed on the skin by means of suction.
30min $50
60min $75

Upscale Bridal / Bachelorette / Birthday Parties:
Five person minimum (5) 60 min Swedish massages
Includes light appetizers, drinks and desserts.
Starting at $375
$75 per additional person

Serenity Escape: 
The best of everything! Indulgent and utterly relaxing!

Aromatherapy Massage with a combination of steamed salt towel soak, hot basalt stones and essential herbal oils.
Choose from Eucalyptus and Spearmint, or Lavender 
60 min $90
90 min $115

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi:
Not available at all times - call for more information
A full body 90 minute massage using long flowing strokes with the forearms, palms, knuckles and thumbs to connect the mind, body and spirit.  This massage includes some deep tissue work and stretching.  The strokes can be long, smooth and relaxing, or quick and invigorating.  Some describe this as feeling like waves washing over the body.
90 min $110.00
Not available at all times - call for more information
CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch form of bodywork designed to release physical and energetic restrictions from soft tissue, especially the fascia (connective tissue). Using a soft touch, generally no greater than 5 grams, practitioners release restrictions caused by accident, injury or emotional trauma thereby improving the physiological functioning of the entire body. CST is not massage, bony manipulation (chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation) or energy transfer (Reiki or Therapeutic Touch.)
60 min $80

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